Volunteer Opportunities
Strategic Planner
S.W.I.M. (Single Women in Motherhood)
Date Posted: 30-Jul-2017
Receptionist/Admin Volunteer
Nokee Kwe
Date Posted: 17-Aug-2017
Innovation Works Doors Open
Pillar Nonprofit Network
Date Posted: 04-Aug-2017
Friendly Volunteer
VON Middlesex-Elgin
Date Posted: 12-Jun-2017
Board of Directors
Addiction Services of Thames Valley
Date Posted: 16-Aug-2017
Emergency Voucher Program Assistant
Mission Services of London
Date Posted: 11-Jul-2017
Volunteer Marshals
Community Living London
Date Posted: 31-Jul-2017
Bowling Coach--no experience required!
Community Living London
Date Posted: 12-Aug-2015
Peer Support Volunteers & Group Facilitators
Connect for Mental Health
Date Posted: 05-Aug-2017
Volunteer Student Links Mentor
Community Living Ontario
Date Posted: 13-Jun-2017