A Guide to Gifts that Keep Giving

At this time of year, giving and gratitude are on many people's minds. We give gifts of gratitude for neighbours, teachers, colleagues, and board members. We take the time to pick out something special for friends and loved ones. What if you knew your thoughtful gift also created jobs for refugees, supported Indigenous healing services, or contributed directly to addressing Iron Deficiency Anemia around the world? If you're in the market for a gift that gives twice, we've pulled together a few ideas to get you started as well as a guide to holiday gift guides.

A Few Gifts for Good

  • Lucky Iron Fish: The Lucky Iron Fish is a simple and effective cooking tool that you can add to your cooking to provide a significant portion of your daily required iron intake. Proceeds from each purchase go toward distributing Lucky Iron Fish around the world. 

  • Skilled Accents: Skilled Accents is a social enterprise in employing refugees in London, ON to make beautiful Pillows with Purpose. 

  • Growing Chefs: Growing Chefs connects chefs, growers, educators, and community members to support children's food education projects. Easy-to-purchase online gift cards can be applied to their classes (available for kids and adults) and dinners throughout the year. 

  • Atlohsa Gifts: Atlohsa Gifts is London's leading retailer of authentic items from First Nations, Métis and Inuit artisans. A purchase of any of their men's and women's accessories, moccasins, jewellery, traditional medicines and home décor helps to support Atlohsa's programs. 

  • Reimagine Co: Reimagine Co offers a variety of products for those who want to move toward a zero-waste lifestyle:  reusable straws, beeswax and vegan food wraps, bamboo toothbrushes, reusable feminine hygiene products, reusable produce bags and so much more! 

This list is just a small taste of what's out there in the world of products and experiences for more purposeful and conscious giving.

The Gift Guide Roundup

If you're based in London and looking for local gift ideas, Evelynn by Nicole Snobelen has you covered. Our friends at Buy Social Canada have pulled together a social enterprise gift directory to help you find gifts across Canada. While it's a couple of years old, the SEontario Social Enterprise Gift Guide is a great local resource for gifts so nice they give twice. If you're a B Corp fan, B the Change has a variety of guides to help you #VoteEveryDay with your dollars at the holidays

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